Alexa Vartman’s book 50 MISCONCEPTIONS OF SEX


“A bold proposition for a new sexuality for humanity”

Interested to learn about advanced sex that awaits beyond basic friction-only sex?


Then be prepared to have your mind – and your bed – rocked by Alexa Vartman’s 50 Misconceptions of Sex.

A down-to-earth and unconventional Tantra Sex manual for couples & singles of any orientation, women, men and anyone in between.

Full of constructive solutions, tools, and practices you can start using right away to overcome the most common sexual issues.

Written by one of the world’s foremost tantric sexologists, learn to have ecstatic blissful sex at home unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced!

Available in print as ebook, paperback & hardcover.
Listen to the audiobook narrated by Alexa Vartman!

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Reviews From Readers

Meet the author

- Tantric Sexologist -

Dear (future) reader,

It means a lot to me that you made it to the website of my first book as an author. Thank you to everyone who buys 50 Misconceptions of Sex. It feels both intimate and vulnerable to share two decades of tantric sexual teachings in writing with you.

If you like the book after reading it then please leave your review on Amazon or any other place you may have bought it. By doing that you will be helping me spread the message of a more conscious tantric sexuality to new potential readers. Share your review on social media and with your friends. I read every review the book gets and each of them means a lot to me.

- Alexa 

About the Author

For over 15 years, the Australian tantra expert Alexa Vartman has changed the Tantra game. Since 2001, she has taught and travelled the world to extensively study tantric lineages and different spiritual traditions.

In 2010 Alexa founded The New Tantra. Through TNT she developed a range of workshops affecting thousands of people with ground-breaking sexual practices. Unashamed and outspoken, she has conducted hundreds of speeches and courses in over 15 countries.

As a genderfluid person, Alexa embraces every kind of sexual expression in her tantric teachings, from light to dark, masculine and feminine. She has a knack for making Tantra a modern and accessible practice for Western minds of the 21st century.

50 Misconceptions of Sex contains most of Alexa’s valuable sexual teachings from her extensive exploration and embodied tantric experience.

Alexa Vartman is available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Photo Credits: Jan Dahlqvist

Interviews with Alexa

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Foreword Wish List

Here is Alexa’s wish list of people to write the foreword for the book 50 Misconceptions of Sex.

What is The New Tantra?


The New Tantra is a European-based organisation that specialises in tantric sexuality and offers workshops, online courses and private sessions. Founded in 2010 by Alexa Vartman, TNT attracts a wide and diverse audience from all walks of life, regardless of orientation. The TNT workshops developed by Alexa are successful and innovative thanks to a distinct no-nonsense rock and roll attitude and their extravagant range of mind-boggling and explicit exercises.

The aim of TNT workshops is not healing or therapy, but to create a modern practical tantra suitable for the Western mind of the 21st century. Since 2017, TNT is run by a collaborative team of workshop facilitators and bodyworkers.


Free Tantric Sex Education – The 21 Day Challenge

Imagine increasing your sexual stamina, erotic connection and intensity of pleasure – in just 21 days. With the 21 Day Challenge free videos you no longer have to settle for basic sex.

Based on the teachings of the book 50 Misconceptions of Sex, these cartoons let you explore tantric sex and experience it first-hand in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Anyone can try, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, single or in a relationship. Click the button to watch the Introduction video and sign up for free.


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